Who is in charge of your life? Who controls your life? Who is responsible for your life? Do you know the answer of these questions I asked?

Let's try to find it. There are three basic choices when it comes to who’s in charge:

  1. Someone other than you is in charge. Early in life that someone is your parents. As an adult this roll could be played by a boss, church leader, extended family member, an institution such as government, or even circumstances such as education, poverty, or abuse.

  2. YOU are in charge. You know stories of people who have overcome incredible odds in becoming successful in some way, refusing to allow a disability, lack of education, circumstances of birth, or any other element to define their life story. They choose to be the director of their own lives. Perhaps that someone is you.

  3. God is in charge. As a Christian you may agree with this in some nebulous way. But I’m talking about the day-by-day direction for the decisions you make, the big and small goals you reach toward, and the formation of who you are on the inside.

If you chose the option 1, you let other people or circumstances or institutions define who you are and how you live your life, what is most important, and what you will accomplish. Many people understandably live this way. It’s easier in some ways because you do just what they want, you don’t' have a great responsibility to fulfil. Think when you were kid, no responsibility on your shoulder. Parents were responsible for your most of your life. You were free from worries and tensions of your life. As you became young and came out of your home, your town, your place who is going to help. This option is not good because many times you will feel that it is not making you happy, it is not able to solve your personal problems. In this option somebody else is controlling your life and you are acting like zinie of Aladdin lamp.

If you chose the option 2, you choose to personally take charge of your life. You start taking responsibility for your every decision every action and in turn for your life. Being in charge of your life means that you are making choices about how you view your situation at any given time. Because your decisions frame how you experience your circumstances, they determine your quality of life. This comes easier to some personalities than others, but anyone can do it. Someone growing up with abuse or neglect can decide to grow strong and make something of themselves anyway. Someone struggling with an addiction can do the hard work of recovery and live free. Someone who suffers a disabling injury can retrain, regroup, and create a whole new life of meaning.

If you chose option 3, you are giving charge to God to control your life. It is good in many ways, like something went wrong you can blame God. If you want something you can pray to God. In the event distress and pain you can call the almighty God to help you out. But the problem here is if you give full control to God, you will have the habit of doing nothing yourself and waiting for God to solve your every problem. Here is a beautiful story to understand this.

There was a very religious farmer. Every day he got up early in the morning and offered his prayers. He always believed that he needs not worry about anything. As he trusts God so much he will definitely help him in his worst days. All his relatives advised him to change his attitude but he would not listen. Once a great flood came which wiped away many people. The farmer's house was on the fourth floor. So he thought that he needs not to worry, God will come to save him. All the people were running away to save their life. A boat was sent by the rescue team to carry them to a safe place but he didn't went. He believed God will come to help him and he does not need the help of these selfish people. The water level stated rising and he climbed to the highest floor of the building. A helicopter came to save him but he still believed God will save him. Water level was rising very rapidly and soon he was also drowned. The story doesn't end here. When he met god he complained to him "I worshiped you and always thought that you would save me in difficult situations. You have cheated me. "God answered" I did helped you. Whom do you think sent the boat and helicopter to save you?"


So which option is right way to live life? I am sure now you will agree that It is the option 2. YOU ARE INCHARGE OF YOUR LIFE to live life successfully.

There are many rewards in following the option 2, you are in charge. For starters, making deliberate, informed choices can lead to a greater sense of control over your life. As a result, you may also experience decreased feelings of anxiety and depression. Additionally, personal relationships may improve due to the honesty that accepting taking charge of your life conveys. Here are some benefits that will persuade you to take charge of your life.

  1. Taking charge empowers you.

  2. Taking charge lets you Influence events.

  3. Taking charge teaches you to handle challenges.

  4. Taking charge unleashes your creativity.

  5. Taking charge encourages you to take action.

All the successful people in the world have one thing in common. They all took charge of their life. They decided themselves what they want, worked on how to get what they want and became successful in whatever they did. Here are some final quotes to make you believe that taking charge of your life is the best option to live life, and to achieve success in this physical world.

“When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life.”

Abert F. Geoffrey

“We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within.”

Earl Nightingale

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

Jim Rohn

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