Sanjay Shail (CLC, DTM, CSMP) is a speaker, motivator, trainer and life coach. He is founder and CEO of Shailway Coaching which help people to get what they want in their lives through coaching and training. He has his mission in life to make this world better place to live in. He is past Area Governor of Toastmasters International and founder of XLRATORS. He has wide 20 yrs experience of serving Indian Air Force where he learnt great and valuable lessons of disciplined life. He has his role models like Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Jim Ron, Bob Proctor, John Maxwell and he has been highly influenced by their thoughts.


He has passion of learning all those techniques which can be of any help in living a better life. He loves training people and so far more than 5000 people got trained by him. He learned martial art, yoga, meditation, NLP, hypnotism and many other personal development techniques. He also holds black belt in martial art. He is certified Stress Management Professional, Certified Life Coach and Certified NLP Coach with a flavour of military training background. He loves helping and training people for their successful life. He has written three books to be published very soon. His Superhabits of Superstudents ebook can be found on web.

Sanjay Shail on life positive

He completed Public Speaking and Human Relations training (Dale Carnegie Leadership Training) in 2002. And then onward he started devoting his time in training people for better life. Sanjay completed his life coach training from Certified Coaches Alliance and conducted many coaching programs for schools, colleges, corporate and for public.

Sanjay Shail speaking in Toastmaster

Sanjay calls himself an ‘eclectic reader’. He considers himself not an academic researcher but a synthesizer of information. Each year he spends hundred of house reading a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, books and other materials. In additions, he listens to many hours of audio programs, attends countless seminars and watches videotapes on subject of interests to him. Information gleaned from radio, television and other media also adds to his knowledge base.

He is happily married with Madhu and have a very energetic and talented son Shikhar. Sanjay has one single focus. He believes that every person has enormous untapped potential; each one of us can move ahead far faster toward our goals if we learn the key methods, techniques and strategies used by other successful people who have gone before you. His hobbies includes learning and teaching all those things which may be of any help in achieving success in life.

Some of his popular training programs are:

1. Public Speaking and Leadership Course

2. Unlock Your Luck

3. Sell to Excel

4. Superstudent Program for school student

5. Life Mastery 

6. Wealth Mastery

7. Young Managers Program

8. Personal Effectiveness

9. Neuro Linguistic Programming

10. Stress Management & Time Management

11. Team Building and Team Management

12. Manager as a Coach

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